Get started with ChurchDesk

We help you get started with ChurchDesk

All new customers are offered an onboarding program where we help you on every step on the way. The training is also suitable if you are adding new people to your team. The training consists of three steps:

  1. Launch call with you ChurchDesk Advisor:  One of the first things we do when you become a customer is to pair you with a dedicated advisor who will help you get the most out of ChurchDesk. In our first meeting we will go over the training program and the key basics of how you start to use ChurchDesk
  2. Join our Live Classes: We offer four online live classes. We host two every week and they give a comprehensive guide into how to use ChurchDesk best. You can sign up here or view our recorded video introductions here
  3. Personal follow-up with you ChurchDesk advisor: Your ChurchDesk advisor will follow-up with you personally in an online meeting to make sure you had a good start and all your questions have been answered.

Moving in: We can import your data into ChurchDesk

We will help you import data of all of your current contacts into ChurchDesk e.g. from your spreadsheet. We can also support importing different digital calendars, so please let us know if you already use a digital calendar.

We can setup up your new website for you

If you have chosen to purchase our website service please fill out this questionnaire so we can start setting up your new website. If you haven’t chose to let us do the work you can read more about our offer here.


If you have any support questions you can give us a quick call at 0 20 3808 5441 or simply write us at [email protected].

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