4. Plan Event

In Step 3 you can create tasks that you need completed before, during and after an event. Assign the task to a user or leave it open for the leader of the group or group members to assign the task later.  


1. Add a task

With access to Planning you can create tasks. Either choose an existing task from the list or add a new task. You add a new task by clicking "Create new task". 

2. Create new task

If you choose to create a new task, pick a type of task and choose which group the task should belong to.

What is the task? Fill out what the task involves 

This task should belong toChoose whether the group should belong to an existing group or if you wish to create a new group. Each group can have one task associated to it. If you choose to create a new group you must also choose a name for the new group.

When you have filled in the information, click "Create" to finish creating the task.  

3. Assign the task

When creating a task you can either assign it to a user or leave it unassigned. If you choose not to assign the task right away, the leader of the group or members or the associated group can assign themselves to the task later on. 

You can add multiple users to the same task and provide internal information for those who are going to do the task. 

If a user is already assigned a task somewhere else in the time of the event, a box will show that the user is "busy". A user not already assigned to a task will be shown as being "available".

If you change your mind you can remove a task, remove a user from a task or remove all tasks. This is done by clicking the "x" next to the person or task you wish to remove.

4. Save the event

After filling out all the information, simply click "Save event", and your event is done. 


Næste - 5.0 How to edit and delete events

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