Important Updates to Calendar & User Roles

On Monday 14th of November, we will roll out changes and improvements to the Calendar Visibility and User Roles. As we continue to add new features, we are dedicated to constantly improve the user experience so ChurchDesk remains a modern, easy-to-use application for Churches. Please take a moment to go through them and inform other users at your church. 

What has changed?

Calendar moved to the App Switch

Create an event in two short steps

New Visibility options for events in the Calendar

From 'Roles' to 'Access & Permissions'

Recommended actions

Calendar moved to the App Switch

The Calendar has been taken out of the Intranet and inserted in the App Switch. This gives easier access to the Calendar while enabling user administrators to control Calendar access for other users.

Create an event in two short steps

When creating an event it will now be done in 2 steps. Step one will include basic information and step two will include public information. If you are creating an internal event (internal meeting, funeral, calendar meeting) and don't need to display your event on your website you can skip step 2.

Start filling in the basic information and move on to public information, if needed, by clicking either the next step at the top or the blue button.

New visibility settings for Calendar events

The visibility options for Calendar events have been changed. You now have a lot more flexibility when deciding who can see what events and how much information the user can see. This enables us to soon launch the much-requested Planning functionality.

  • Public
    Allow this event on your website and include it in messages sent from People. Details are shared internally with all users.
  • All users 
    Anyone in your church with a ChurchDesk login can view the details of this event. Secure information remains hidden.
  • Specific groups 
    Anyone in these specific groups can view the details of this event.
  • Private
    Only you can view this event.


From 'Roles' to 'Access & Permissions'

The 'Roles' have been renamed to 'Access & Permissions'. We have kept all the Roles you see today and created three new permissions. The new permissions have been implemented to provide a more flexible access to ChurchDesk. 

New Permissions

You can add these to users from 14th of November 2016

'Calendar access'
Users with Calendar access can view booked users and resources for all events, as well as create private events.
'Can share events with all users'
The user will be able to create and share events across all groups.
'Can edit all events'
The user will have permission to edit all internal events across all groups.

Renamed Permissions

These will only change name and still be assigned to users based on what you have today

Old name New name
'User Administrator' 'Organisation Administrator'
'All events' 'Can edit group events'
'booking' 'Can book and plan'
Allow double booking' 'Can force double booking'
'View all absence' 'Can view absence(s)'
'Absence and Workplan' 'Can manage absence(s)'
'Sensitive information' 'Can access sensitive information'
'Newsletter' 'People Access'
'Contribution' 'Contribution access'
'Website' 'Homepage Editor'
'Publish' 'Publisher' 

Recommended actions

We recommend the following next steps:

  1. Make sure this article is shared with everyone at your church.
  2. Facilitate a short meeting at your church to walk everyone through the updates.
  3. Contact us at or via the chat if you or anyone else at your church has questions.



Steffen Kongstoft


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