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The combination of new ‘Permissions’ and ‘Planning’ will improve the way churches work with groups and individuals. We have removed all the hassle and created a brand new, user friendly solution so you can focus on what matters - the people in your church. It is now possible to make volunteer's work an integrated part of your ChurchDesk platform.

Concepts in the ChurchDesk system

Planning: Planning is ChurchDesk's version of a rota system. It can be used for all users that will need to be assigned to a task on an event. 

Task/Tasks: A task is a job or function that a user has to perform at an event. 

Groups: Each task will be connected to a group. In order for a user to be assigned to a task they will need to be a member of the connected group. All users can apply for group membership which will be approved by a Group Leader. 

Group Admin (Leader)/Group Member: A Group member will be a member of one or more groups and can participate within these. A Group Leader has admin privileges in one or more groups. The Group Leader can make changes to their groups and control other users' tasks. 

How to create an event with tasks

Select a task from your drop-down menu or create a new one by clicking the green "Create task" button. If you create a new task you will have to associate it with a group. You can choose between any existing groups without any associated task, or you can create a new group. 

After selecting a task you can assign users directly or leave it unassigned. This will let users assign themselves. A Group Leader will also be able to assign other users.

1. One user is needed to perform a Choir task. It has been left unassigned, allowing for one group member of the "Choir" group to assign themselves later. 

2. Comment connected to the task. 

3. A reading task with two assigned users by the event creator. These users will automatically receive an email notifying them that they have been assigned to a Reading Task. They can unassign themselves later on. 


At some point you will have a lot of tasks connected to various events and groups. Some will have assigned users and some will be left unassigned. Managing tasks can be done from your Intranet by clicking Tasks.

Managing own tasks (Group member)

All users will be able to see their upcoming tasks and the event it has been created for (i). Users can unassign themselves or click the event title for more information.

Under "we need your help" users can assign unassigned tasks to themselves. 

Managing others tasks (Group Leader)

A Group Leader is a user that has Admin privileges in group (i). This allows the user to manage other users' Tasks. 

In the example below a Group Leader has the option to click "Manage tasks". From here the Group Leader can both unassign and assign other users to tasks. Every time a change is made the user will automatically receive an email notification.

Users who are assigned to tasks will get a reminder about the task 3 days before the event takes place.


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