3. Share your project

Creating a project is the first step towards receiving Donations and Payments. Sharing it with your congregation is the next. Luckily we have made it easy for you to share everywhere your church has a digital presence - Let's have a look. 

1. Locate your project link

Click the app switch in the upper left corner of the tool bar, then click Contributions

To find the individual project link click on the name of a project

Copy the link and Paste it wherever your church has a digital presence. 

We have gathered a few ideas for digital media you can use when gathering donations/payments. 


A website is a perfect place to share a donation/payment project. Your regular visitors will be able to give contributions whenever they visit your site. Moreover you will be able to use payment projects together with forms, for events that need payment. 


Inserting your project link in your outgoing e-mails is another way of directly sharing. But why stop here? Think about adding the link to your personal church email in your signature or maybe consider making it a standard procedure to add the link below your text in all your newsletter emails. 


Share the link whenever you send an SMS. Consider that the contribution link only will let the user go directly to your website if they have a smart-phone with internet. Therefore it can be a good idea to sometimes just mention that it is possible to donate through your website. 

Social Media

Most churches already have a presence on social media, sharing events, news, pictures and videos. All it takes is to copy/paste and your contribution link will be there as well. 


Links and printed media doesn't go hand-in-hand. Therefore we recommend mentioning your donation/payments projects in your printed media in articles for example, and then referring to your website as the go-to place in order to contribute. 

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