2. Projects

Please notice: In order for a user to access the Contribution module it requires the role "Contributions"

1. Navigate to Contributions

Click the app switch in the upper left corner of the tool bar, then click Contributions


2. Create a project

You are able to create either a Donation project or a Payment project. 

Click one the one you would like to create


3. Simple setup

Add title, start and stop date, description, Gift-Aid choice and image. 

  • The date option enables you to control a period in which you will be able to receive contributions. The system automatically lets people know that the contribution is closed if they are outside of the time-frame you have set.
  • PLEASE NOTICE: Gift-Aid is only an option for donation projects. It allows contributors to add Gift-Aid to their donations. 


Click Email setup when your done 


4. E-mail setup

We have already created a confirmation for you. You can choose to keep this or edit/create a new one of your own.

Make your emails more personal by using the variables shown below the message. The system will automatically make use of the fields a contributor fills out.

Personal email example: 

"Dear John, 

A donation of £10 has been received in your name towards Save the Church Bell.

We highly appreciate your kindness and wish you all the best.


Holy Trinity Church"

Click Web setup when you're done.


5. Web setup

A dedicated "thank you" page has already been created. You can customise it further or create your own message. As shown above remember to make the "thank you" page personal by using variables. 

Thank you page example message:

"Dear John,

Thank you very much for donating to Save the church bell.

You will receive a receipt on the e-mail you provided as soon as your donation has been processed.

Holy Trinity Church"

Click Save project when you're done. 


6. Share your Donation/Payment project

The system creates a shareable link for each project you create. Copy/paste the link and share it to all the places where you and your church are present digitally. 


7 Edit projects

Navigate to Projects, then click on the project you want to edit


Click Edit, and make changes to your project. 


8. Deactivate or Delete projects

Go to a project by clicking on the name. 

Click More, then select delete or deactivate

IMPORTANT: Once you deactivate a project you will not be able to activate it again. You can copy the project and use the new active version. A project that has received donations or payments can not be deleted


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