2. How to create a form

1. Ensure that you are on the homepage

Tip: You will need to have the role Website in order to do so. If you don't have it your Administrator will be able to add it to your profile. 


2. Create form

Click the Green + Button, then click Form 


3. Insert form title and body text... (and maybe a menu-link.)

Tip: Menu-links can be assigned if you wish to connect the form to a menu. You can also choose not to connect a menu-link, if you only want to link to it directly from a page. We will get to that later.

Write title and body text. We recommend leaving the Captcha option on. This will prevent SPAM. 

 4. Add form components

Form components is the fields that you want your registrars to fill out. You have a wide selection of different fields that will enable you to receive just the data you want. 

Component fields explained:

Date gives the option to insert a date with the appropriate format. 

Email create a field designed for inserting emails. 

File gives the opportunity to upload a file to the form. 

Number makes it possible to write a number

Phone number is a dedicated field for phone numbers

Select options lets the person filling in the form select between different options you have created.  

Text area creates a frame for inserting comments etc. 

Text field is the most ordinary and used field in the form. It is a small frame for inserting "first name", "last name" etc. 

Time works great with "Date" if you wish to let somebody select time and date. 


Extra choices:

Fieldset is a function you usually combine with other components. When created you can drag other component under the Fieldset in order to create a great looking frame on the form. 

Markup lets you write a box of text between components in your form. 

Page break creates a break on the page dividing your form into multiple pages. 

Tip: Components like Select options, Fieldset and Markup let you add options or insert text. In order to do this, add the component and click Edit. 


5. Edit submission settings

Submission settings allow you to control what people see after submitting the form Submission limit and the Status of the form. 

Confirmation page

This setting allows you to write a message that will be displayed on your site after submitting a form. You can also custome a URL to add to a "Thank you" page. 

Total submission limit

This allows you to control the total amount of submissions you would like to receive. The form will be closed and show a message when the limit is reached. 

Status of the form

This allows you to close/open a form. 


6. Configure email notification

Editing email notifications lets you send an email confirmation to anyone who fills out your form. You will also be able to have the system send you or others one when someone fills out a form. 

Setting email notifications for form registrars

Tick the circle "Component value" with email if you wish to send a confirmation email to registrars. Then click the Add button

Settings email notifications for yourself

Tick the circle by "Address" and fill in the email on the person you would like to send notification every time the form is filled out. Then, click the Add button


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