1. Take a quick tour of forms

Forms can help you register people for events, room bookings, contact forms, and much more. It will also be the fastest way to grow your congregation, combining the data you receive with your People module. This guide will give you a short tour of the possibilities within the forms in ChurchDesk.


What can you do with forms?

You can create forms for all purposes that require a website visitor to send you data.

Event planning

Online room booking/hiring

Contact form

Children activities



These are just some of the times where forms will help you manage member registration. 


Use your data to re-engage the congregation?

Imagine a couple, family or others attending an event in your church for the first time. They register for the event at your website and enjoy the evening. But what happens afterwards? Do you engage with them again for your next similar event or maybe with some of the other offers your church has? 

With ChurchDesk you can re-purpose the data you collect in order to re-engage attendees after their visit. This gives a whole new perspective on congregation engagement. All you have to do is to take the data you collect and insert it into your People module.


2.0 How to create a form

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