4.0 How to create a subscribe view on the hompeage

We believe that connecting to your congregation is one of the most important thing for a church. In ChurchDesk we help you do this by keeping your members in your system. This allows you to engage your members and take actions towards developing your community. by adding Subscribe views to your homepage you will be one your way. 


1. Ensure that you are on the homepage

Tip: You will need to have the role Website in order to do so. If you don't have it your Administrator will be able to add it to your profile. 


2. Create a subscribe view for your homepage

Click the Green + Button, then click Subscribe view


3. Subscribe view options

You can create multiple subscribe views and insert them different places on your homepage. In the example below we will create a subscribe view for music themed events. 

Write a Title for your subscribe view. 

Write a Description that will appear under the title. Make sure to add Why people should subscribe and What they are subscribing to. 

Sign-ups will automatically be inserted into your People module. If you wish to have them enrolled into a specific segment, insert a Tag. You can choose tags that already exists in your People module. Click here to see how you create a tag.

Choose wether you want the different fields to by Required or not. We recommend required. 

Click Save when you are done. 

4. Add content view to a page 

Click here to learn how to add content views to a page

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