5.0 How to create a calendar view for the homepage

Calendar views create a view of certain events from your calendar. It will only be events that are Visible on your website. By selecting categories you can choose which events should be shown in each calendar view.  


1. Ensure that you are on the homepage

Tip: You will need to have the role Website in order to do so. If you don't have it your Administrator will be able to add it to your profile. 


2. Create a calendar view

Click the Green + Button, then click Calendar view


3. Calendar view options

Insert calendar view Title

Choose Number of events you would like to display per page

Click Enable simple view if you don't want the events to be shown with pictures. 

4. Choose which events to display

The system will automatically choose your church. You will also be able to select events from other ChurchDesk customers.

When making a calendar view you can choose which events it should include. You do this by choosing Calendar categories and Resources. By mixing categories and resources you can create exactly the calendar view that suits your needs. 

If you wish to mix events from your church and another click the green Add another  button. 

5. Choose navigation options

Click the Provide a menu link box if you would like to connect the calendar view to a menu. 

You can edit the Menu link titel if necessary. 

Click Parent item in order to arrange your menu link for the calendar view. 

Click Save when you are done. /em

Tip: Remember that you will be able to insert the calendar view on your pages when they are saved. Go to a page and click edit after saving. 

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