1.0 Take a quick tour of your ChurchDesk website

Before venturing in to homepage creation we recommend getting familiar with some terms and buttons. This will help you when you have to edit or create a ChurchDesk homepage. 


1. Homepage Themes

You can choose between 6 themes in ChurchDesk. Each of them will have different layout which in turn will display your homepage in different profiles. You can always change your theme without loosing any of your content. 


2. Slideshow

All themes will give you the option to use a slideshow on the front page. This can not be connected to any other pages. You can choose to include still pictures, calendar events and blog posts. 


3. Main menu and sub-menues

All themes include a Main menu. This should include all of your most important navigation point. Be carefull not to use too many distorting your navigation flow.

All menues can have sub-menues connected to them. This means that a menu called "Contact" could have "Office", "Priests", "PCC council" etc. connected in a 2. hierarchy. 


4. Calendar views

A calendar view is an automated integration that connects to your calendar and show events that you have selected to be visible on the website. You can also choose which categories you would like to display in each calendar view. 

In this example "Calendar" shows all events and "For kids" only show events for kids and their parents. Notice that you can use Calender views in the same hierarchy as menus. 


5. Blog views

Blog views works like Calendar views. They will just show your blog posts instead of events. It can be used to present everything that you would like to communicate to your congregation. Latest news, Vicar blog, Office opening hours update etc. You will be able to select which blog category the Blog view should display.  

In this example the Blog view "Latest news" is showing on blog post.


6. Text views

A text view is a box with text that you can include on the left or right side of any page. It can be used to highlight information, create a Social media widget etc. 

In the example below the opening hours have been added in a text view on the left side of a page. 

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