3. How to create a blog post

This guide will show you how to create a blog post and how to go between an internal blog post and an external blog post. 


Log in to your ChurchDesk

1. Go to Blog 

Ensure you are on the Intranet

Click on the Blogs button located on the left side of your screen. 


2. Create blog post

Click the + New blog button. 


3. Insert Blog information

Write a Title for your blog post and select a Category. Write your full blog text in the Body field. Finish off by selecting if you would like to add a Summary. The summary should just be a short teaser for the blog post. 

4. Select Publishing options

Select Visibility. This determines whether your blog will be published to website, only in a Group (internally) or as a draft (only visible for you). 

If you wish to publish and unpublish your blog post at a certain time select Schedule. If you wish your blog post to be displayed in the front page slideshow on your website go ahead and tick the white box.


5. Add Additional Information

Choose a picture from your file manager or upload one from your computer (you will be able to crop the picture afterwards).

You can choose whether you want users (not website visitors) to be able to Comment on your post.

If you need to link the blog post to an external source it can be smart to create a URL alias. It will make a link from your website name and the URL alias.

You can choose a custom Author date if necessary. Tick the white box if you want to show author (it will show the first and last name on your user profile). 

Select which group you want the blog post to be associated with.

Click Save blog if you wish to just save the blog post.

Click ... and create another if you wish to create a new blog post.

Click ...and make a copy if you wish to create a new blog post using the same content. 


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