8. Learn about Taxonomies

Taxonomies cover all of your event categories, absence types, resources and blog categories. These will help you get your system in order and to manage your content. 


Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Navigate to Calendar

Ensure you are in the Calendar



2. Navigate to Taxonomies

Click the Settings button with the four horizontal lines. Then, click Taxonomies.   


3. Event categories

Event categories: Creating different event categories helps you organise your calendar. 

The colour code you give each category will colour the event you associate it with. This way it will be easy to get an overview of your day. The category also helps you organise how your events should be displayed on your website. We will talk more about this in the guide "Website". Lastly, the categories will enable you to create custom reports and printable PDF files of your calendar activities. 

  • Event categories
  • Create a new event category
  • Edit an existing event category
  • Delete an event category


4. Resources

Resources: Associating a resource with an event helps your staff to be in control of which rooms and resources are taken within a given timeframe. You can also use the resources if you would like to see how many bookings you have had for a certain room in a year etc. All resources will automatically appear when you are creating or editing events.

  • Create a new resource.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit an existing resource.
  • Click the waste bucket icon to delete a resource.



5. Absence types

Absence types: Creating different absence types helps you control the different types of absence you may have in your church. It will also colour code each type in the calendar, giving you a more organised view. If you would like to see a report on absence, making different types helps you get a clear view on what is what. 

  • Absence types
  • Create a new absence type
  • Edit an existing absence type
  • Delete an absence type


6. Blog categories

Blog categories: These are used to manage your written content. A blog can be published for both internal or external purposes. Maybe you would like to publish "Latest news"on your website or run an internal blog informing staff members of changes each week. The blog categories will help you manage your different types of blogs. 

  • Blog categories
  • Create a new Blog category
  • Click the pencil icon to edit an existing blog category.
  • Click the waste bucket icon to delete a blog category.

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