6. How to Create Absence

Absence is an essential tool when managing your church. Being able to see exactly which staff members are available at a given time will cut down on double entries, unnecessary emails and phone calls. You can create your own types of Absence categories to suit your needs. Later on we will go into how you change create, edit and colour code the Absence categories. The ChurchDesk Calendar comes with a few Absence types to get you started.

  • Courses
  • Free weekend
  • Holiday
  • Requested leave
  • Sickness

Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Navigate to Calendar

Ensure you are in the Calendar



2. Create Absence

Click the green + button at the top left of your screen. Next, click on Absence

Tip: You can also add absence in your calendar by using the shortcut c+a!


3. Absence Information

This information will only be visible internally. If you want to be able to see absence on other users you will need the Role "All Absence". If you don't have this role your Admin will be able to add it to your user. 

User: Select which user you would like to create absence for. If you would like to create absence for a user other than yourself you will need the Role "Absence and Workplan"

Date: Select which time and date the absence should cover. 

All Day and Repeat: All Day makes the absence appear in the top bar of your calendar indicating an absence for the whole day. Repeat lets you make a row of absences. This comes handy, for instance, if you are off work every Monday.

Type: Select the type of absence. This will colour code the absence in the calendar. 


4. Additional information

Additional information allows you to connect some information to an absence that other users may find beneficial. 

Substitute: Insert the name of a substitute.

Comments: Insert comments for other users.

URL alias. This should ONLY be used if you want to create a special URL address for the event. 


5. Save Absence

Choose group you would like to associate the absence with. We recommend keeping one group for all absence and events. The absence will not be visible for users who are not members of the group you associate it with. 

Now, click Save absence.


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