3. Add Public Information

When creating an event, Step 2 will ask you to add public information. This is the information you want shared on you website, in newsletters etc.  


1. External information

If you are creating a public event, we recommend filling out the following information:

Image: We highly recommend adding a picture to your event. It will make your communication more interesting for the viewer. You can add a picture from your file archive or upload one directly from your computer. 

Description: Write a captivating description of your event. Remember that you don't need to write information like Location, Time and Date. These will already appear on your event. 

URL alias: Creating a URL alias will give you the ability to send a URL with a specific ending. Example: https://uk-churchdesksuccess.churchdesk.com/event/1503669 can be changed to https://uk-churchdesksuccess.churchdesk.com/spring-concert. 

Unless you are an expert in websites URLs we do not recommend you to use this field! 


2. Continue to Step 3: "Plan the event" or Save Event

When you have filled our the information required in Step 2: "Public information", continue to Step 3. You can also save the event as it is. 

Næste - 4.0 Plan the event

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