6. How to create and send an email message

Email messages can be used for literally anything you want to send out to your congregation. Newsletter, concert calendar, church magazine in a PDF - you name it, it can be done. You can send to both individuals or a segment. 

1. Creating an Email message

Click on Messages located on the left side of your screen. 

Tip: Here you can also see your Sent messages, Scheduled messages and Draft messages. 

Click the Create button located at the top right side of your screen. Choose Email Newsletter


2. Select Email options

Choose whether you would like to send the email from yourself or the church.

Select who should receive the email newsletter by clicking the To field. You can choose both individual contacts or segments.  


Choose a photo from your file archive. 

If you do not have a photo in your file archive, you can upload one directly from your computer. 

Write your Headline and Body Text

Your editor settings include, Bold, Italic, Horizontal line, Linking and Attributes. 

Tip: Use Attributes to make your Email message more personal. Choose "First name" and the system will automatically add the individual name of the recipient. 

Save time and make your email message look amazing by adding existing Events and News from your website. 

Click the Add Button at the centre of your screen.

Select which Events and News you would like to display. 


3. Sending Email messages

Hover over the Send button. 

You can choose whether to Send a test message,  Send immediately or Send later

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