4. How to create, add and remove tags on a contact

Tags can be added to any contact. By adding tags you can control which contacts should be included in a particular segment. Example: If you have a "Messy Church" tag on 10 contacts, they will all be included if you build a segment with that tag. 

1. Creating tags

Click the name of the contact you wish to create a tag on.

Create a tag by clicking the + Add tag button located in the top left side of your screen. 

Write a tag name in the box. Click the Add button when your done. 

The tag has now been created and can be added to other contacts. 

2. Add tag to a contact

When creating a tag it will automatically be added to the contact which you created it with. 

Navigate to a contact by clicking on their name and click Add

All of your tags will automatically be shown. You can add them by clicking the tag name

Click Save when you are done. 


3. Removing tags from a contact

Navigate to a contact. 

Click the X located on the right side of the tag. 


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