1. Take a quick look at your People module

IMPORTANT! You will only be able to see and use the People module if you have the Role "Newsletter". If you don't have this role your ChurchDesk Admin can add it to your profile. 

1. Go to the People module

Ensure that you are on the People module located at the top right of your screen.


2. Contacts overview

The first view shows you all of your existing contacts and your segments. You can create and edit contacts, build segments of contacts and send an email or SMS.

Segments: Groups of people based on a Tag, Demographic, Date created etc. 

Contact: Person with an individual email address and phone number. 

3. Messages

In Messages you can see Sent messages as well as Drafts and Scheduled. You can create a message and save it as a draft if you would like to get back to it later. You can also choose if you want to schedule a message to send at a later time. 

  • Sent: These are the messages you have already sent. 
  • Draft: These are the messages that you haven't sent yet.
  • Scheduled: These are the messages you have scheduled to be sent at a specific time. 


4. Tag management

Being in control of your contacts gives you the power and the flexibility to communicate with different groups of people. By creating Tags you can manage which contacts should be in your segments. You may have one for Messy Church, Music program, Sunday services etc. It can also be used to communicate to Volunteers and your PCC council.

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