6.0 How to create a blog view for the homepage

Blog posts is a great way of sharing information via emails, website and social medier. For website purposes you can create a blog views that, like the calendar view, only displays the blog posts that you have would like to share. Remember that blog posts works both for internal and external purposes. Let's create a blog view. This works best if you already have created a blog post that you would like to share. You can go to the guide on how to create a blog post by clicking here.


1. Ensure that you are on the homepage

Tip: You will need to have the role Website in order to do so. If you don't have it your Administrator will be able to add it to your profile. 


2. Create a blog view

Click the Green + Button, then click Blog view


3. Blog view options

Insert blog views Title

Choose Number of blog post you would like to display per page

The system will automatically select blog posts from your church. If you would like to share blog posts from other churches, then select another Church

Choose which blog categories you would like the blog view to take blog posts from. 

Tip: You can create a mix of blog posts from your own, and other churches by clicking the green Add another button. 


4. Choose navigation options

Click the Provide a menu link box if you would like to connect the blog view to a menu. 

You can edit the Menu link titel if necessary. 

Click Parent item in order to arrange your menu link for the blog view. 

Click Save when you are done. 

Tip: Remember that you will be able to insert the blog view on your existing pages when they are saved. You do this by going to a page and edit after saving. 

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