3. How to manage files

You can have internal files and external files. If you want to use a file on the website, it needs to be 'published to the website'. Marking a file as 'published to the website' does not mean it is on the website right away, but that it is ready to be used and inserted. 

Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Go to the File Manager

Ensure you are on the Intranet

Click File Manager, located on the left side of your screen. 


2. Upload files

Tip: You will often want to add files directly into a folder. Click on the folder name first, then the white Upload files button.

Click the white Upload files button. You have two options when uploading files: 


Option 1: Drag and Drop files 

Drag files into the white field

Tip: You can minimise your browser, select multiple files and drag all of them in to the field together. 

Option 2: Choose Files

Click the Choose Files button, then select files.

Tip: Some computers will allow you to Hold (Command/Control) in order to select multiple files at once.  

You can now choose your file upload options.

Publish on Website means that your file can be posted to your website.

Select Group means that the file will be associated with a specific group (users who are not member of the group cannot see the file in your system). 

Click the Add more files button if you would like to do so. 

When you are ready click Upload. Once that is done, select Close.


3. Edit File

Click the pencil icon.

You can change Title, Visibility and give Tags.

4. Move file

You can move files between folders. You have two options: 

Option 1: Drag and Drop

Click-and-hold a file and drag it to the folder you want to insert it to, then release the mouse.  

Option 2: Move button

Tick the white box next to a file, then Move.

Click the circle of the folder you want to move it to, followed by Select.

If you want to move a file to a sub-folder click on the folder name and then on the circle of the sub-folder. 


5. Delete a file

You can only delete files you have created yourself or of which you are a group administrator for the group the file is associated with. 

There are two ways to delete a file:

Option 1: Tick and Delete (Good for deleting multiple files at once)

Tick the white box next to the file, then the Delete button.


Option 2: Waste bucket 

Click the waste bucket on a file.


6. Download file

Tick the file you want to download, followed by Download.


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