9. How to use the Calendar Filter

At ChurchDesk, we believe that each staff member, volunteer etc. should have an easy overview of the activities in your church. This will make planning a quick and problem-free process. Let's see how the Filter can give you control of your church calendar.   

Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Navigate to Calendar

Make sure you are in the Calendar



2. Opening/Closing the Filter

The filter will help you look for something specific in your calendar. Maybe you would like to see events you have been associated with or an event with a specific category. 

The filter is located on the right side of your calendar. You open and close it by clicking the small white arrow. 


3. Uncheck/Check Filters

After opening the filter you can click Uncheck all filters. This will render your calendar empty. You can select which Event category, Absence type, User or Resource you are looking for or combine several of them. 

Please notice: The Calendar will remember your settings. Make sure that you "Check all filters" if you would like to see the whole calendar again. 


4. Filter options

You have four sections in your calendar filter. Under each of them you can click the Event category, Resource, Absence type or User pending on what you want your calendar to show you. 

1. Check/Uncheck all filters.

2. Dropdown menu. Each Taxonomy has one. You can open/close these by clicking on them. 

3. Select/De-select what you would like to see in your calendar. In the example below the calendar will only show events with the category "Internal meeting". 

4. Bonus information. You can edit Taxonomies directly in the filter or create a new one by clicking the + next to the dropdown menus. 


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