7. How to Edit and Delete Absence

This guide will show you how to edit and delete absences from your calendar. You can only edit and delete absences if you yourself have created them, you are the group administrator or have the role "Absence and Work plan". 

Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Navigate to Calendar

Ensure you are in the Calendar. 



2. Edit Absence 

Left click on the absence, then on the pencil icon.

Edit the absence information and click Update.


3. Delete Absence

There are two ways in which you can delete an absence (note that you can only delete an absence that you have created or for a group of which you are the administrator). 

Find the absence you want to delete in the calendar. Click on it once and a small window will pop up.  

Option 1: Click on the waste bucket icon to delete the absence. 

Option 2: You can also click on the eye icon. Then click on More; finally Delete. 

A popup window will ask you whether you are sure you wish to delete the absence. Select Delete if you wish to delete.  

You will be shown a green confirmation message in the bottom right corner when your absence has been deleted. 

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