5. How to Edit and Delete Events

Occasionally you may want to edit or delete an event. Follow the guide below to make sure you do this correctly. 

Log in to your ChurchDesk


1. Navigate to Calendar

Ensure you are in the Calendar. 



2. Edit an event 

In order to edit an event you must left click on the event you wish to edit, then click the pencil icon on the event. 

Tip: Left-clicking the event is also a quick way to see important event information when you are working in the calendar. 

Update your event information and save

Tip: Each user can change how they receive notifications in their user settings. 

Hover over the "Update event" button. 

...and send notifications: This will automatically send a notification to the users that have been associated with the event via app, email or SMS. 

...and make a copy: This makes an identical copy of your event you can edit and save. It is a nice tool if you want to plan the same event, but at another time and date. 


3. Delete an event

Please note: All users can delete an event they themselves have created. If you wish to delete an event created by another user you have to be an Administrator of the Group it has been associated with. This makes sure that nobody, by mistake, deletes important events from your calendar. 

Left-click on an event in your calendar. Next, click the waste bucket icon. 

You will see a pop-up message warning you that you are about to delete and event. If you have created a repeated you will have the choices you see below. 

Only this instance: This will only delete the event you have selected. 

All following events: If you have repeated events, this will delete all of the events that follow this one. 

All instances: This will delete all events, past and future within the repeated event. 


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