7. How to create and send an SMS

Sending an SMS message can be a great asset when engaging your congregation. Consider using SMS for reminders and urgent messages. 

1. Creating an SMS message

Click on Messages located on the left side of your screen. 

Click the Create button located at the top right side of your screen. Choose Text message


2. Select message options

Select From options by clicking the From field.  

Select who should receive the SMS by clicking the To field. 


Write your Text

It will indicate how many characters you have left before the SMS message will be divided in two. 

3. Sending SMS messages

Hover over the Send button. 

You can choose whether to Send a test message,  Send immediately or Send later


4. What does an SMS cost?

You can buy discounted packages of text messages and get easy control over your usage of text messages. The more text messages you need - the lower the price. We will notify you when you’re running low on prepaid text messages.

The first 100 SMS are free.



Price per SMS



Up to 100 SMS


1.000 SMS


0 %


2.000 SMS




5.000 SMS




10.000 SMS




The prices are excl. VAT

You can get an easy overview of how many SMS you have left under "Settings"


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