Room availability

In ChurchDesk you have the option to share the availability of your rooms by sharing or adding it on your website. If you rent out your rooms you can indicate that the availability of each individual resource should be shown. ChurchDesk will simply indicate that the resource is unavailable when there is an activity going on.

To show the availability you have to take 3 steps.

1. Make resources available for public.

  • Go to "Taxonomies" in you calendar
  • Choose resources
  • Edit the resources that you want to show in you room availability 
  • Check the box "Show the availability of this resource publicly
  • Hereafter save the changes 

2. Copy the link in the bottom of "resources" in taxonomies

3. Add the link to a page or textview (see this tutorial on how to add a link)

This is how it will look to the visitor


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