File Manager

Within the File Manager, you can save and name an unlimited number of files (images, videos, audio files, PDF files, etc.). Click "File Manager" in the menu bar on the left side - then you have an overview of the files that you have access to - that is, the files that have been published in groups that you are a member.

To upload a file to the archive (all users)

  1. Click "File Manager" and select 
  2. Now you have the option to select a file from your computer, click or  add a file, drag and drop into the window 
  3. Subsequently, you need to determine whether the file should be published on the website or only in the group and in the which group the file should be sent
  4. You can choose to change the name of the file and add multiple files
  5. Finally, click  to upload your chosen files
  6. When all the files are uploaded, there will be a check mark  next to the file and you have to click  to finish


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