It may be a good idea to put some elements into a table on the website. If for example you want to display contact information of employees or parish council members on one side and pictures of them on the other side, it is easier to get the items aligned if you put them into a table.

How to create a table

  1. Click on edit on the page you want to insert a table
  2. Set the curser where you want the table to be
  3. Click on the 'Table' in the toolbox above the textbox (se illustration)
  4. Chose number of columns and rows in the pop-up window
  5. You can set the 'Cell spacing' to fx 5pm in order to obtain a distance between the individual cells in the table
  6. Avoid changing the value in 'Cell padding'
  7. Avoid changing the value in "Align" 
  8. If you want a visible border around the cells, you can write eg. 2 in the "Border size." If you do not want border, set the number to 0
  9. Do you want to leave the table to have a certain fixed width, you can in the "width" indicate this (eg 700 px if you do not have a box to the right or 460 px if you have a box on the right. If you write 100% in width the box will adjust the table to the page width)
  10. Click on 'Ok' when you are finished
  11. Start writing in cells or insert photos. You type by clicking in the first table cell. Once you have completed the cell, click on the keyboard arrow to move to the next cell
  12. Adjust the table by right-clicking on the table and then select the function you need.
  13. Do you want to delete a table, right-click the table and select 'Delete table'
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