Subscribe to calendar with ical feed

You can create an ical subscription for events from your ChurchDesk calendar effectively inserting them automatically in any other digital calendar. In order to learn how to insert and ical feed in a digital calendar we recommend searching for a dedicated guide through google. . 

Example: "how to embed ical to google calendar", outlook etc.

See the guides below in order to find the right ical feed in your ChurchDesk calendar

Be Advised: To insure fast synchronization the calendar feed from ChurchDesk will only take events 6 months forward and 3 months backwards. 

Export single calendar events for your own digital calendar

  1. Go to the event you wish to subscribe to either on the website or in the calendar. 
  2. Click "export" to ical"
  3. The event will automatically be exported to the calendar on your computer. You can also copy the ical link and insert it directly into your own digital calendar. 

Export all calendar events to your own digital calendar. 

  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Click on this icon 
  3. Select "subscribe to calendar"
  4. Copy the link and insert it into your own digital calendar through it's ical procedure. You can select two different ical links wether you wish to include internal information. 

Export ical feed based on category, ressource, absence or users.  

  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Open the filter on the right side by clicking the green arrow
  3. Hover with the mouse button over the category, ressource, absence or user you wish to create a feed from. Then click the calendar icon on the right side. 
  4. Copy the link and insert it into your own digital calendar through it's ical procedure.

Be advised:

ChurchDesk can only guarantee delivery of the correct ical feed. We can not support the ical procedure for different 3rd party calendar systems. The ical feed from ChurchDesk is updated instantly when changes are made, but it will depend on the 3rd party provider when it will be updated in your own digital calendar. 

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