Create and insert Calendar View

You can use a calendar view (calendar extraction) to two things: as an item on the website and as an element of a left or right margin on a page.

To create a calendar view and insert it as an option

  1. Click the green + in the blue tool bar at the top and then select "Calendar View" (you can also choose "simple calendar view" if you want a more simple calendar view)
  2. Give the calendar view an easily recognizable name that clearly distinguishes it from any other views
  3. Select one or more categories to pull events from. You can also select all categories
  4. Select the number of upcoming events that should be shown in the calendar view
  5. Click on "Provide a menu link" if you want the calendar view to be a menu item on the homepage
  6. Give the item a title and possible a description
  7. Select the menu item's position on the website
  8. Click on "save"

To insert a calendar view in the right and left blocks on a page

  1. Go to the page where you want to insert the calendar view in the left or right side
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Scroll down below the text box and select the calendar view in either right or left block
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"

To edit a calendar view

  1. Click the gear icon in the blue tool bar and select 'Content Manager'
  2. Search for the calendar view in the filter
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Make your changes and click "Save"
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