You can create your own contact fields in ChurchDesk People. In this article you will learn how to create these fields and how to add the information to your contacts.

How to create your own contact fields (Org. admin. only)

To create new fields you navigate to ChurchDesk People and click the "Fields" button in the black sidebar.

Tip: If you're editing a contact you can also add a few by clicking "Configure fields" from within the contact's profile.

Drag in a field

Now you can start add the fields matching the information you wish to register about your contacts. 

A variety of field types are available on your left. Simply drag the one you need and drop it on to the area on your right.

Tip: Try to order your fields and group them into "Field groups" as this will make it much easier when your colleagues needs to find information or register new.


  • Electoral role, i.e. On the electoral role, member since, electoral role declaration, 
  • Choir, i.e. Member of choir, Member of choir since, Permission to share photos on social media, Tone of voice, Parent/guardian.

Click save in the top right corner when you're done. Now all your contacts will have the new fields available. You'll also be able to choose these fields when you're building forms via ChurchDesk Forms. This is a perfect way to let your members enrich their own data and thereby freeing up your own time.

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